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Volume 01, Issue 08, 2022

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Title: Role of Geography Education in Creating Climate Change Awareness: Middle Secondary School Teachers and Students’ Perceptions

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Abstract: This study adopted a Pragmatist paradigm to study the role of geography education in creating climate change awareness. Survey questionnaire and interview were used as data collection tools. The sample population consisted of 478 students and 16 geography teachers from 11 middle secondary schools under Tashigang Dzongkhag.The study found out that the middle secondary school teachers and students under Tashigang Dzongkhag have a high level of climate change awareness (M=5.1). Both the teachers and students agreed that geography education lacks climate change information (M=4.86). Majority of the students stated that they learn about climate change more from social media and mainstream media than from geography education. While the teachers and students perceived the causes of climate change differently, all of them agreed that it is prevailing. The study also found resource constraints (M=4.3), time constraints (M=4.3), exam oriented (M=4.3), and teacher workload as some of the challenges in creating climate change awareness. Thus, the teachers and students felt the need of teaching-learning pedagogies such as field visit, project-based learning, group discussions, and inquiry-based learning so as to create climate change awareness. The participants also posited the need of treating climate change as a separate chapter and continued advocacy by the concerned agencies such as National Environment Commission, Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, and Bhutan Ecological Society.


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